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    Inspired by everything I needed and used during those first few precious months when my little Pickle was born in 2013. During many a sleepless night and all those hours where I would just stare at the new addition to our family, got me thinking (which is surprising as my brain was officially mush).

    I decided to share the things I found extremely useful and pretty much a must have in case of emergency items with all my expectant friends and family. Beautifully packaged in a keepsake box with everything they never knew they needed.

    They have proved so popular that I started being asked to make them for other expecting Mummies.

    And this is where 'Pickle & Squidge' was born...

    Named after my two littles, Oscar & Alice, the original Pickle & Squidge! The idea to now set up a company inspired by my littles is a very daunting one that I have been putting off for over 3 years and given that my youngest has only just turned one, there is no time like the present.

    I hope, like me, you think your friends, family, colleagues and, well, anyone that's expecting a new arrival would love to receive a Mummy To Be Box. It's the perfect baby shower gift and I guarantee the new mummies will thank you for it.

    Kate x